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Everyone has a different story about his passion for the classic cars. Here is mine:

I was 4 years old when I saw the first American car in my life. It was sitting on the other side of the street of my kindergarten. With its big tail fins and tired look it definitely was like nothing else a little boy can see in his birth town in the middle of a small Eastern Europe, communist country in the early 80s. I frequently asked my dad to let me go beside it. There were no scripts, so no one of us could recognize the model and the brand. I only remember its beautiful gold plated emblem with a little old ship in the middle of the big grille. It took me years until I figure out that this was a 1959 Plymouth Belvedere. This exact car still exists, but it is abandoned in an old village and is already beyond salvation.

Few years later I was playing soccer in the football ground of my basic school, when I saw a black 1956 Cadillac passing by. It was loud and impressive. Few years later I found it just five minutes away from my home. It turned out that its engine has been replaced with V8 engine from a Russian built truck. At one time this car was converted to a pick up truck and was used for transportation of groceries. I was 15 when it finally was scrapped. 

A special present from a friend of my father streightened my interest in the American cars.

The present consisted of old French car magazines that had several black and white photos of 1958 and 1959 GM, Chrysler and Ford lineups. The pictures of the Wells Fargo 1958 Buick Limited convertible with actor Dale Robertson and the 1959 model year of Chevy Bel Air, Buick Invicta and Oldsmobile 88 Holiday impressed me most. I was amazed with the technical data of these cars, their powerful engines and most of all with their design.

Few movies also contributed for my passion.

Many American movies also contributed to my passion with their car scenes. Probably the one I have watched most is the Driver(1978) with actor Ryan O’Neal. The ‘73 Ford, the brown 1978 Firebird and the 1976 Trans am in the last car chase were my favorites. Beverly hills cop movie was a great showplace for the 80s era cars. The movies Christine (1983) along with Coupe De Ville (1990) were great scenes for the 50s cars. The original Gone in 60 seconds (1974), Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) and Varnishing point (1971) were all about the muscle cars and the 70s era cars. Another cool movie that must be mentioned is Duel (1971). To live and die in LA (1986), Thunder heart (1992) and Striking distance(1992) made me a fan of the 1977-1990 generation Impala and Caprice. Last but not least is Smokey and the Bandit (1977) movie. I was in basic school when one of my classmates had a video player in his home and all the boys from the class went to watch the movie with the beautiful black and gold Trans am and Burt Reynolds behind the wheel.

At age 14 I started exploring my birth town for old American classics.

 Having in mind that my country is located far away from the US, there were not many of them around. But I was lucky to find a very well preserved 6 cyl 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air, massive 1967 Chrysler 300 2 dr htp with a 95 hp engine from a Russian car, 1965 Mustang 289 V8, 1960 Ford Fairlane and my most favorite 1958 Dodge Coronet. The last one had a 70 hp Warshawa engine in it (old Polish brand), but I really fell in love with its design. This car was sold a couple of years after I found it and I haven’t seen it ever since.

At one point I managed to acquire some sales brochures and car magazines and found the mailing addresses of General Motors, Chrysler Corporation and Ford Motor Company. By that time I already attended English language classes and decided to send letters to the headquarters and ask for some brochures so I will enrich my knowledge. The response from the Big Three was way over my expectations and that’s what probably won my heart once and for all for the American cars. In December 1992 I received a book with the first 75 years of General Motors. It was the best thing a 14 years old boy into American classic car hobby can imagine. Soon I acquired a nice collection of sales brochures and advertising materials. Meanwhile my teacher in English language who was American helped me to move to the next level. I remember he liked Corollas, but he gave me an encyclopedia of the American associations. I found no less than 150 mail addresses of American car clubs in it, so it was quite a letter writing and sending in the next few years. I got in touch with few very nice auto enthusiasts in the US, some of which are among my best friends and I still keep in touch.

Once I got a driver’s license I started looking for classic American cars all over my country. I wanted to know of as many of them as possible hoping that some day I will own one of them. I started making my own register of the cars I have found. Most of them were base 4 door sedans, with unoriginal engines and in very bad shape, but this didn’t matter for me. When I became a student and moved to Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria I was able to find even more cars. The good thing is that I was not alone already. I had buddies with whom the search was even more fun. By that time owning an American car was still beyond of my financial abilities.

USA - Land of classics

In 2001 I went on my first students exchange program in the USA. It was a great experience. I saw in person many of my favorite models. I visited a couple of old salvage yards with one of my American best friends with whom I started exchanging letters almost 10 years ago. I was able to drive some of his cars – from an old 51 Chevy to almost brand new 1999 Trans am Ram air cvt. After I came back I finally started making attempts to buy my first American car. I missed a 1966 Impala SS convertible, that was sold during my second summer visit to the US.  

I finally bought my first American car

In 2004 I finally bought my first American car – 1993 Trans am 4 speed. It was not a classic car at all, but I still loved it. You can read about it in the section of cars I have owned.


I bought my next American car in 2005 and it was 1991 Trans am GTA.


My third car was a Trans am again – 1979 real Y84 Special Edition. I bought it in 2009.


In 2014 I imported my first car from the US – again a Trans am, but finally the one I have always dreamed of – 1978 model year. Same year a friend of mine asked me to find and import for him the dream car of his youth – 1960 Chevrolet 4 dr htp. So that’s where my story with the delivery of classic American cars starts. You can see and read more about the classic American cars I have imported by order in the section cars I have delivered.


The story with the American cars I have owned does not end up here. You can go and read more about the cars I have owned here.


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Today, since I have so many good friends across the USA, have bought, restored and sold cars in Bulgaria and Europe, I decided to create this website where you can find a good selection of classic American cars and projects for sale.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for, I can try to find your exact favorite model with the desired color and specs in the USA and to deliver it to you. It takes time, but the wait always worth it.

Since I have so many good friends in the USA, have bought, restored and sold cars in Bulgaria and Europe, I decided to create this website where you can find a good selection of classic American cars and projects for sale. You will also see the cars I have delivered over the years by people order.
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