Interesting finds

If you can’t find what you are looking for among the cars for sale on this web, I can try to find your dream car in the US or in the EU. I already have experience and you can browse the “delivered” section for a list of the cars I have delivered in Bulgaria by customer order over the last years. I have friends in the USA in many cities. They can help with seeing a vehicle and owner in person and with finalizing of a cash deal. This is the safest way to avoid scams. You can also browse the “Interesting finds” section of the website for an up to date careful selection of vehicles for sale in the US that I can deliver to you. Looking for the right American classic can be also extended to Europe, where there is a number of dealers with which I keep in touch and can refer to with your request. I can find the exact make, model and year you are looking for as well as the body style you prefer. You just need to have some patience, because you will not look for VW Golf or Toyota Corolla. But the hunt of your favorite classic is part of the big fun of the old car hobby.

Since I have so many good friends in the USA, have bought, restored and sold cars in Bulgaria and Europe, I decided to create this website where you can find a good selection of classic American cars and projects for sale. You will also see the cars I have delivered over the years by people order.
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