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The movie pictures used on this website are from the following movies:

  1. “The driver” 1978, directed by Walter Hill, Produced by Lawrence Gordon producer and Frank Marshall associate producer.
  2. “Christine” 1983, Director John Carpenter, Barry Bernardi associate producer, Larry Franco co-producer, Richard Kobritz producer (produced by), Kirby McCauley executive producer, Mark Tarlov executive producer.
  3. “Vanishing point” 1971, Director Richard C. Sarafian, executive producer Michael Pearson, Norman Spencer producer.
  4. “To live and die in Los Angeles” 1985, Director William Friedkin, Irving H. Levin producer, Samuel Schulman executive producer, Bud S. Smith co-producer (as Bud Smith).
  5. “The dukes of hazard” 2005, Director Jay Chandrasekhar, Bruce Berman executive producer, Bill Gerber producer (produced by), Dana Goldberg executive producer, Eric McLeod executive producer.
  6. “Coupe DeVille” 1990, Director Joe Roth, Mike Binder co-producer, Larry Brezner producer, James G. Robinson executive producer, Paul Schiff producer.
  7. “Bullit” 1968, directed by Peter Yates, producer Philip D’Antoni and executive producer Robert E. Relyea

Pictures are property of movie companies owner of the respective movies. 

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